Routines Old and New

It's about 7:15 in the morning. I vaguely here Meg's door creak open, and then Nic's.

Sleepily, I pull back the duvet so Meg can slide in beside me on my left, tucking the covers back over both of us. Then I lift the covers to my right and feel Nic's steps imprinting the bed as Troy sets him down somewhere near my feet. Nic wiggles noisily in beside me and we pile cozily together for the next 10 minutes while Troy showers and shaves. Cuddles and kisses and giggles, the best way to wake.

Later, on the way back from walking the kids to school, I solidify a new Monday morning routine now that Troy has Spanish class. Instead of crossing at my usual stoplight, I turn right and walk upstream against the general flow of people. I stop at the corner and pick up 2 of the free newspapers they hand out at the metro entrance.

Once home, I peruse the news and finish my now-cold coffee.

Then I get on with my day.

Routine. Satisfying.

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