Ode to 38

Today my man turns 38. This makes me happy because that means from now until November 25th we'll be the same age. Then I'll be the older woman again. Anyway, in celebration of 38 years, here are 38 important facts about my husband.

  1. He is the only man that has ever kissed me properly.
  2. His children think he is the funniest creature on the face of the planet.
  3. He reads bed-time stories like nobody's business.
  4. He is a man after God's own heart, and that is no cliche.
  5. He is one of the smartest people I know.
  6. He cares very much about helping people in their walk with Jesus.
  7. He is almost always the first to admit he is wrong, with humility, and ask for forgiveness.
  8. He is a visionary.
  9. He is passionate.
  10. He has one of the most tender hearts I know.
  11. He is a gifted actor and writer.
  12. He is not afraid to cry.
  13. He has done the dishes for 16 years without complaint.
  14. He holds me in the dark and lets me cry when I need to.
  15. He loves to have his back scratched.
  16. He put others before himself 99% of the time.
  17. He is a loyal friend.
  18. He is a man of influence in many arenas.
  19. He is hard on himself.
  20. He is an amazing Dad.
  21. He shaves his goatee, wears my Mom's dress, my pantyhose and our team-mate's shoes when he "does" the Church Lady.
  22. He almost died when he was a toddler, and I believe God spared his life because He had great things in store for him.
  23. He is my best friend.
  24. He makes me laugh (although not usually at his jokes) and it always tickles him when he does.
  25. He has balls of steel.
  26. He is a learner.
  27. He still gets my engine going.
  28. He is a man of prayer.
  29. He is humble.
  30. He helps around the house without complaining.
  31. He is teaching our children to follow Jesus with their whole heart.
  32. He is teaching me that too.
  33. He sticks to his principles.
  34. He gets better with each passing year.
  35. He is the only one the dog really respects.
  36. He loves Jesus more than anything.
  37. He does not seek power.
  38. He is the love of my life.
Happy Birthday, baby. Thank God I have you in my life.

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