God's Timing

I have had a classified ad in one of the local English magazines for over a year about scrapbooking. Last year, my friend Lisa and I would get together almost every Friday to scrap, and although we were hoping to get a bigger group going, it ended up being just the two of us. We had a lot of fun anyway! But then she moved back to the US during the summer and I honestly haven't done anything since then. It's just more fun with friends.

Anyway, recently I have been thinking about taking the ad out so that I could do other things with my Fridays (I have been keeping those days clear just in case.) I figured that if I need to get a job anyway I need to clear my schedule some.

On the way home from walking the kids to school yesterday morning, I figured today would be as good as any other to try and get the ad removed. When I got home I was distracted by other stuff.

Later, Troy and I were praying together, and my mobile rang. Since it was our day off, I checked the number (in case it was the school or whatever) and on a whim, answered, although I didn't recognize the number.

It was D, a woman who moved her in the summer and saw my ad. And she knew more ladies who are interested!

This morning D and her adorable daughter came over and we shared a cup of tea. I'm excited to have some ladies to scrap with again!

God does have good timing....

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