Counting My Blessings

Even though this has been a crummy month in many ways, for us as well as a lot of others on our team and in our church) I am determined to be grateful for my many blessings despite the struggle. So in celebration of today, here are 10 things I am grateful for right now.

  1. That I got one more load of laundry done (i.e. school clothes for tomorrow) before the washer freaked out completely.
  2. That my children get a hearty, well-balanced meal at school at lunch so I don't have to fuss at supper time, especially when Troy is out :)
  3. Knowing that our friend Heide is coming to visit us soon, my Dad in December, and Katie and Jo, friends who moved away, in December.
  4. God's provision and encouragement, in His own, perfect time.
  5. My friend Mary.
  6. My Oasis Madrid team-mates.
  7. That payday is only 3 days away :)
  8. People who tell me that me requesting to be their friend on facebook is a "nice surprise."
  9. Encouraging emails that have been trickling in all day.
  10. Warm enough weather that we haven't had to turn on the heat yet.

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