Peaceful Friday Afternoon

At least, it was meant to be.

Troy and I walked to school this afternoon to pick up Nicolas and make a backpack trade with Meg (she is spending the night at her friend Elisa's house tonight.)

I had in mind a peaceful Friday afternoon, full of relaxation, family time, a movie with Nic, popcorn, and that sort of thing.

But instead of too much peace, there has been underlying fret. We're still eating popcorn and watching Cars, but we're not relaxed.

It's a combination of things: worry about finances, busyness, whatever. But you know what? I think what has us overwhelmed today is responsibility. We have so many they seem endless. We have a responsibility to our kids, to provide for them and give them a secure home to grow up in. We have a responsibility to our supporters to use their money wisely. We have a responsibility to our mission to do our job. We have a responsibility to our team, to lead them well. We have a responsibility to our church, to provide them with a thriving church environment for them. We have a responsibility to each other, to share joys and burdens alike.

And of course, our most important responsibility is to God, to love Him with our whole mind, heart and soul. When He loves us so much, it seems like this responsibility should be easy. Yet we struggle to trust, to believe He knows what He is doing, to hold tightly to the knowledge that He does not leave us. Ever.

I have a feeling that if I just concentrate the most on that responsibility, that my Friday afternoon will be a little more peaceful.

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