Money Misery

Imagine that you go to the bank, and ask to withdraw $970. The teller carefully counts out the money, and subtracts that amount from your account balance. Then, they hand you $700 and put the other $270 in their pocket. And cackle fiendishly in your face. Sigh. That's what it is like living with the euro/dollar exchange rate. When we moved to Madrid, had we asked for $970, we would have gotten $1107. That's a big difference.

The whole money things tends to start a cycle of mental gymnastics. It goes like this: We can't afford to have the kids in a British school. But with the language issues Nic has, and Meg's personality, the Spanish school system would do them in. So maybe we should home school. I don't want to home school. It's probably not even really legal here in Spain, it would make us seem even more foreign than we already do, both my kids and I would go berserk. And I would have no time to be a church-planter. I AM a church-planter. I work full-time pretty much, and so does my husband. Maybe I should try to get a job here...like teaching English, or something. Again, I would have no time to be a church-planter. So maybe we should move back to America and get real jobs. But we don't WANT to, and we don't think God wants us to either. But we feel greedy always asking for money. We feel guilty our kids are in private school. We feel guilty that we have leather couches (which is a supporter gave us, but still.).Maybe we should move to a smaller apartment. But rent has gone up across the board, so even smaller will likely be more. Blah, blah, blah.

And on and on in goes. We trust God completely to provide for us, and He always has. Yet each month, the dollar goes down, and the distance between paydays looms longer and longer.

It's so easy to get distracted by things that aren't important. I read blogs where there are always cute/fun/helpful giveaways and I think to myself "Wouldn't it be great if I could just win that?"

I don't know what the answer is. I am not panicky or worried. For now, we'll just try and cut where we can, economize and enjoy simple things.


relevantgirl said...

Yes, it stinks that the euro is so naughty these days. No, it's cool to have couches, so that folks can come and sit and fellowship with you. No it's not bad to have your kids in a great school environment. Yes, I'm going to be praying for God's provision.

He sees. He sees.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I'm praying that the Lord will lead you guys and open doors that NO man can close. Our God is a God of favor. He will pour it out on you. You are obedient and He will bless that.

Praying for you,