Mind Your Head

Last night, we were on the metro going home after Kelly's delicious birthday dinner.

We got to *Wonder Boy's stop, and at the last minute were arranging a phone call to figure out when he and Troy could meet.

As the doors slid closed, Wonder Boy began leaping alongside the train in Lord of the Rings fashion.

Then, without warning, he dropped from view like a stone.

The train glided into the tunnel, and Troy and I looked at each other.

"He was acting," Troy said.

"I don't think so," I said.

Fast forward to the end of the metro ride when we are on the street and have reception on my phone. I call Wonder Boy.

"Are you on the metro platform with a broken leg?"

"No, but I have a really big lump on my head."

Hysterical laugher (and a little sympathy) from the pastor and his wife.

"Did you black out?"

"I don't think so. But I laid there for a little bit."

After we had established that there was no permanent brain damage from having bashed one's head on the digital readout display (see above) because you were leaping through the air, we hung up, came home and proceeded to draw attention to said incident in as many ways as possible.

The end.

*Name has been "changed" to protect the dignity of the down-fallen.


kelly w said...

i don't think anyone who knows him doubts wonder boy's real identity. plus there are only two, or no, actually there's only one, guy we know who is that tall and can jump that high.

this made my week.

Olson Family said...

I don't know "Wonder Boy" and as I have not yet stepped foot in Madrid nor met you, could not hope to guess an identity. But I am homesick, it is way past my bedtime, I am lurking again and this post gave me the greatest laugh - Just what I needed! Thank You! And I honestly hope and pray that "Wonder Boy" (God knows his name at least) is OK.

Kate said...

thanks for the laugh. i miss you guys!

rjlight said...

That is so funny, and painful!