I survived

What a day. I think yesterday must have been the busiest Monday on record in the Cady house. I didn't get off to a great start, because after we went to bed on Sunday night, my mind was racing with a huge to-do list. I finally got up somewhere around 1 am to write some stuff down and get it out of my busy brain. Needless to say, when the kids crawled into bed for our morning cuddle at 7:15, I was not ready.

We dragged ourselves out of bed though, and went off to school. Both kids were happy and excited to go back, for which I am very grateful. We reconnected with Blanca and she remarked how the kids are both taller.

It was a busy work-day, with staff meeting and office hours, both of which were full and productive. Back to school at 3:45 to pick up the kids. The walk home was stuffed full of happy chatter and the kids taking turns telling us about their day.

Once at home, Nic changed and had a quick cup of tea, and 2 cookies (the minimum multiple in which anything can be eaten!) then we were off to speech therapy by 4:20. I was a little afraid he would be wiped out after a full day at school but he did great.

Back home again, a Spanish worksheet for Nic, quick supper, prayers and bed-time. Then a few minutes getting the house whipped into shape for Troy's theater group. And the most important event of the day, the making of sushi.

I had heard a horribly sad rumor that my friend Mary had never had sushi, and I could not live another day knowing she was so deprived. So when she came over last night for our mentoring time last night, just had to have sushi :) She liked it, and we had a great time hanging out. We're going to be going through Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline. And we decided it's very cool that he is a Quaker.

The first week of school is always crazy with beginning of term meetings etc, but my absolute least favorite thing to deal with is the covering of the notebooks. This year the kids brought home EIGHT notebooks of varying sizes that I had to cover in clear contact paper. Ugh. I finished the last of them this morning; hopefully no more will come home today!
Later I'm off to help move some supplies for our upcoming Serve the City
and then I have some office work to do, (I SO owe my friend Rachelle an email!) but right now I'm going to enjoy a little peace and quiet. And thank God that Monday is over!


relevantgirl said...

OK, Missy! You changed your blog's skin again. Artsy, fartsy girl!!!!

Glad you survived. I picture you running through the streets of Madrid singing "I will survive." Hey, would you do that for me?

Mary DeMuth, who also will survive

madridmom said...

OK, Mary's comment reminded me of an absolutely hilarious video of that song on YouTube. Go check it out if you want a good giggle.
Glad you survived! Our first day of school is tomorrow .... at least for 3/4 of the kids.

Abril said...

speaking of Quakers - here is a Quaker's blog that I really enjoy reading http://bestandworst.typepad.com/
in case you haven't seen it before.