The gift of time

Wow, God is totally looking out for me! I had geared up for another crazy day and was holding out for our day off tomorrow. Last night, we were very disciplined about turning off the TV by 10 pm and heading to bed. But while we were putting the clean sheets back on the bed, we got to talking about work stuff. And bam, it was 10:45. So much for getting an early night. Then there were 2 or 3 men talking outdoors somewhere outside, close enough that they woke us up sometime around 2 a.m. Even though this morning was a little better, we still did not spring out of bed.

This was the plan: the morning fairly free, my new women's group at 1, 3:25 to school to pick up children, I was to stay for a school meeting for Nic's class, Troy would bring Nic home for a quick cup of tea, then off to speech therapy, and then we would have the marriage counseling couple over at 8:30.

3:30, I look at the school meeting schedule one more time and realize that, guess what, Nic is NOT in the same grade he was in last year (duh!) and therefore his is a key stage 2 meeting. Which is tomorrow! So I went to school to pick the kids up, and Troy took Nic to speech therapy as planned. So I had some time to get the laundry going and sit down to read a few blogs. And Troy had already changed a mentoring appointment he would have had today because we thought I had to be at school.

5ish, marriage counseling couple called to apologize that they have to cancel tonight because they completely forgot about a conflict in their schedule.

BINGO! The whole evening free, leftover pasta from lunch for a decent dinner for kids, day off tomorrow. Thank you Lord!!!

I was stressed this morning because the euro keeps climbing, and our savings from our tax return (which was meant to pay for school) has been shrinking because of exchange rate and Nic's speech therapy. But I determined to not stress about it, and trust God about. And he has certainly already shown me today that He is watching over us.

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Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!
We've planted a couple churches- hats off to you girl.