On our way

Well, I think I'm ready. The bags are packed except for a few last minute things that have to go in when we get up (at 3:15 AM!!) The house is clean (except I didn't dust, for shame!), the instructions for the house guests are written out.

Now I just need to take a shower and pack up toiletries and then hit the hay. I am not thrilled about the actual journey, but can't wait for dinner tomorrow night when we'll join the other team leaders for dinner and our first session.

One of the BEST things about staff conference (or Connect as we are supposed to call it now) is that there is always an excellent program provided for our kids. A team comes from the US to basically do VBS with them and they always have a blast. So we can enjoy our sessions and they have a great time. I am really grateful for a mission organization that values my kids.

Not sure about Internet access or time to get online, so if not before, I'll be back in Madrid on the 18th but probably not back online until the 19th.

Until then, have a good one.

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relevantgirl said...

Please-please-please give my love to folks, Heather. I'm sad.