I had just finished bagging Lexi's, um, "stuff" when I heard applause. I turned around to find two city employees cheering for me :) Apparently they clean up enough dog "stuff" that seeing a citizen do it themselves was worth breaking into applause. I find that pretty sad, because the city even provides free bags to collect said stuff in. Even though there is reportedly a 300 euro for leaving stuff behind, still, the sidewalks are minefields and I'm sure the city workers get tired of cleaning up after the dogs of Madrid.

But this post really isn't about dogs :)

Some days I tolerate Spain, some days I am ambivalent about it. But it's days like today, when I walk down the street having a conversation with the street cleaners, when they thank me, pet my dog and ask me where I'm from, that I love Spain. I love the banter and the interaction with Spaniards. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does, it's worth the wait.

Strange as it may sound, Spanish applause means a lot to me!


Victoria said...

woah, im not sure ive ever heard anyone that has gotten spanish applause- i think you can brag about this for a very long time.

Anskov said...

I think moments like that are priceless. I love when people make small connections of understanding with each other, even when it only is for a few seconds.