Top 10 Reasons to Vacation at Home

  1. Because really, your own bed is the best place in the world to sleep.
  2. It's a lot easier to eat healthy (read, stay on your diet) at home where you can cook like a normal person. Or easier to find the number so that Foster's Hollywood can bring you ribs and a chicken Caesar salad right to your door.
  3. Because in Spain they sell light whipped cream in a can, which goes nicely on top of the Starbucks coffee you just brewed. And your own stove-top coffee thingy is big enough so you can get 4 cups out of it instead of only 2.
  4. At home, your children will get out of bed, pour their own cereal and watch a DVD, all without interference from parents (in other words, you don't have to get up and check that they didn't break anything/spill on anything)
  5. The pool right downstairs does not have any sand around it to muck up everything you brought with you.
  6. The internets
  7. Because whoever said this was going to be a REALLY hot summer must have been smoking something, because at 10:53 am it's only about 66 degrees.
  8. Children squabble a lot less when they are in their own environment and have eleventy-billion toys to play with.
  9. Because going to the grocery store, having your groceries delivered and cleaning out the fridge and pantry cabinet is actually relaxing when you don't have a million other things to do.
  10. You still have all the e-books you bought to read.

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