I caved

So I have all these good intentions to be a good steward of our money and of the world's resources, which is why I stopped coloring my hair red more than a year ago.

It also has something to do with growing older with grace and not caring so much about wrinkles and grey hair.

But my brown hair, it used to be a lot prettier and shinier. And now, the top of of my head just looks washed out and dull and full of lots of wiry, very grey/white hairs.

So today I caved. I bought some brown hair color. I don't plan on using it very often (I don't mind when the grey starts creeping back out) and I bought the Carrefour store brand so it was under 4 euro.

Hopefully I'm not a terrible person for not sticking with my morals :)


kelly w said...

no worries. i'm planning on dying my hair this weekend, too :).


spain dad said...

I don't know if it helps, but I spent 20€ on a babysitter tonight before I even left the house.

Victoria said...

youre so freakin cute in that picture!

Heidi Renee said...

Jesus doesn't mind if you spend 4 euro on yourself to feel confident!

I think it looks maaaahvelous!

Heather said...

Thanks guys :) Unfortunately that photo is what my hair USED to look like when it was red. For now it's just going to be brown again, but hopefully not sprinkled with quite so much silver :)