I can always tell when vacation has relaxed and rested me because I start getting urges to organize and get back into the swing of things. So it's pretty good timing then, that we only have two more days off and then we're back to it on Monday.

I always start to panic a bit when it gets time for our annual staff conference because I think that summer is over. But we still will have almost 9 work days before we go, and then 3 weeks more of "summer" after we get back from Hungary and before the kids go back to school. My mental to-do list is growing, so I'm trying to write it down so I don't go back to work (mentally) prematurely.

The temps have definitely risen, and right now my temp bar says it's 95 at 6:58. Around mid-day we actually close the apartment up and put down shades etc. because at that point the air outside becomes hotter than what's inside. Thankfully, in the dry climate here that works well.

Anyway, that's it for now. We'll be back to business in a couple of days!


spain dad said...

The heat doesn't help when trying to get things done on that to-do list either...he says as he stares blankly at his computer screen.

Abril said...

i used to feel that panic feeling that summer was almost over when it hit the fourth of july. it took me awhile to realize it was in the first half of the summer :)