They did it!

I am so proud of my kids! They finished their first year at Numont today. I can hardly believe it's already the end of the year. This is the photo I took of them on the first day of school in September. They both look so much younger to me, and Meg's teeth have improved with braces so much already!

Here we are, walking to school that first morning, all new and shiny.

I was so proud of them, they walked right into the schoolyard, very bravely, even though they didn't know a single soul, didn't know how the school worked or anything. There was no complaining, no crying, no whining.

really wanted to wear his cool glasses!

Nic has dealt with an incredibly difficult year courageously and with his usual good humor. He has worked his little buns off trying to learn so much, and in the face of more than a little "adversity". I pray that next year will be a much better year for him.

It has become a tradition that at the end of a term, we go to lunch at a Chinese restaurant on our block that has an aquarium in the floor. The kids love it. Here's our growing-up Meg.

And the two crazies.

Mom and Meg, sorry, we were way back lit. It's a gorgeous day today, in the 70's and deep blue sky.

Now they are watching Happy Feet again (we rented it last night.)

We now pause for a commercial break.

As an aside, seriously? Do they have to put such suggestive songs/line in kids' movies? I know a lot of kids are exposed to all this stuff, but mine are not. I really don't think my 10-year-old daughter needs to hear words like "
You don't have to be beautiful, to turn me on, I just need your body baby, from dusk till dawn.
You don't need experience, to turn me out."

And much of the mating ritual between the penguins is played up so much, sheesh. Call me uptight, but that's not the way I want my kids to think about sex. Anyway, I'm really glad we rented this first, because we won't be buying this one.

And now, back to our regular programming.


Laura said...

Heather, do you know Ingrid and Jeff Cagwin? They served in Spain for a bit with, well, I can't remember what agency they were with. Anyway, I figure the ex-pat/church-planting/Christian worker world is small there, so you might know them.

Thanks MUCH for the gift. I'm feeling sheepish still, but much less so as my friends' list grows and grows. You were one of the first!

rjlight said...

Congratulations! I know what you mean about Happy Feet. I thought it was a cute movie, but I also wondered about the necessity of some of the sexual content. I don't want my kids singing those lyrics...ugh...Maybe when they are getting married in 30 years or so...