Some days I would love to be a red-head again. More than a year ago I decided to go back to my natural brown for a few reasons. One was money; even though the hair color was under 10 euro every 6 weeks, it was still money I decided to stop spending. I also thought about the environment and how the plastic bottle full of chemicals, the gloves, etc. were making an impact on the world. And I figured that since I am only a couple of years away from forty, a few grey hairs are no big deal.

Now I'm not saying that nobody should dye their hair (I am still tempted to do it again :) ) but that is the choice I made for me.

My hair is pretty stubborn though; it likes being red. So even after various attempts and methods to get it all brown again, the bottom half of it is still pretty reddish. And it taunts me. Mean ole' hair!

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