Random Friday Ramblings

For some reason my internet has been acting wonky this week. I haven't been able to get blogger blogs or dashboard for a couple of days, even though other sites come up. Anyone else been having those issues?

Anyway, here it is, Friday already! The weather here has cooled down quite a bit and it's drizzly this morning. Which gives us a nice break from being too hot as well as not hearing so many "suggestions" from the kids about going in the pool. :)

Last night Meaghan had her big end of year show. It was less chaotic and more entertaining than Nic's :) And I just have to tell you, I was the closest to a celebrity that I have EVER been. Two rows back to be precise. I won't name names, but I'll just say that famous football (soccer) players and models have adorable kids!!

This weekend we'll celebrate American Father's Day (the Spanish one is in March) because the holiday here totally slipped by us. Usually we celebrate the Spanish holidays because that's when the kids bring home stuff from school.

Only one more week of school! I need to get serious about coming up with a schedule for summer. I want us to be able to have fun and relax but also still keep up with school type stuff (this is especially crucial for Nic) and not slide into the mindless boredom/squabbling slough of despair.

That's all for now!

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CM said...

"suggestions" - love it