And we're off

Well, we're off to an OK start of our summer schedule. I didn't get the schedule in place for today, but we managed to get some reading and time working on typing skills (for Meg) in. Mom got some church work done, some laundry, the living room vacuumed, the dishwasher loaded and run etc. done. Tonight we are meeting some friends for a late dinner as they are leaving for Canada for a whole year :(. I hope you know how good I'm going to be for eating salad when I really want a quarter-pounder with cheese and an apple pie (which I hardly ever get.)

I think we have come up with a good way to do our schedule, so we're going to try it out this week and see how it works. No two days during the week are really the same around here, so we're going to take it one day at a time. We have 3 weeks, then 2 weeks of vacation, then another week, then our annual staff conference, then 3 more weeks. We'll do reading during the whole summer, but take it easy on the other stuff while we are on vacation.

And hopefully Mom and Dad will have some time to squeeze in some reading and writing too!

In the meantime, the kids are in their rooms for some quiet/down time (not a punishment, that's going to be a daily feature!) so I'm off for some of that myself!!

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