And then there was pie

Last week on Monday and Tuesday I started doing the no carbs thing. I was prepared for all sorts of withdrawal and having to chain myself to the wall to keep away from mashed potatoes. Surprisingly, I felt really good, had lots of energy and very few withdrawal pangs.

Then on Wednesday, I got the cold. Which does not go well with no carbs. Because when I am sick, I eat cinnamon toast. It's the standard Grant sick/comfort/Sunday night supper food. So I threw out the no-carbs until I felt better. Then I felt better, and then there was just something every day that kept me from doing it again.

Today was the day. I was on track. I had coffee. And then when we got home from watching Nic be a little pig in his assembly this morning, I had some scrambled eggs. Perfect.

And then Victoria showed up with apple pie that she made yesterday. From her grandmother's recipe.

There is always tomorrow.

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Victoria said...

it is delicious pie. good luck with your no carbs tomorrow.