Works for Me Wednesday - Computer Post-Its

I don't know about you, but I need to have things visible to help me remember them. Awhile ago, someone told me about these nifty little post-it notes for your computer screen! They are amazing and absolutely free! I use them to list all manner of things, but my newest use for them (and the one I like the best!) is for jotting down prayer requests. I am really bad about remembering everything I am supposed to be praying about, so this week I started putting the requests on a post-it as soon as they came to my attention.

If you are interested, you can head on over to get them here.


sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Great idea! I can never find real paper when I want it, anyway. Too many kids to keep real post its around here.

madridmom said...

I went ahead and downloaded it and have a note on the screen already. It is to remind the kids (and me) of our new family motto First Things First

Mom2fur said...

My new computer came with this and I think it is the coolest thing! Really...for all the nice programs I've got, I think I like the post-it note on my desktop the best!

madridmom said...

Hola Heather! Guess what? You're it! You've been tagged over at my new blog. check it out for the details.