Waiting for Normal Life to Resume

I always hate our schedule in the spring. In Spain, there are so many holidays after Easter that it seems the kids are off every other week for some reason or other. And while the break may be nice, it wreaks havoc with my efforts to be organized and scheduled. Seems like every week when I try to do my normal routine, there are about a dozen curve balls thrown at me.

Thankfully, this is the last week with days off for the kids, until they finish on June 22 (and then I'll have to find a summer routine!) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I'm surprisingly anxious for next Monday to roll around.

I kept Nic home today because he had a pretty hefty asthma attack in the night, and he has PE on Wednesdays. I'm dragging from lack of sleep, so I feel a nap coming on before I have home group tonight. And it's hard to tell if my allergies have kicked into full gear or I'm catching a cold. I am betting on the allergies and think I need to bump the medication up a notch. The generic stuff I brought back from the US is just not cutting it. And how else am I going to enjoy the hammocks on the balcony if I can't breathe?

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