Mother's Day

In Spain, today is Mother's Day. Troy got up with the kids, and I slept some more. From the level of racket coming from the kitchen it sounded like there was a major operation going on in there. Finally, the noise swelled down the hall: enter breakfast in bed. I was treated to french toast and scrambled eggs with bacon and of course, coffee. Coffee with milk that had been frothed within an inch of its life. :) I sat and ate my breakfast faced with a row of eager spectators (including the dog, who licked her lips and hoped to steel a bite) while I was regaled with who did what to prepare my food. As is always the case, they are impatient for me to hurry up and finish already finish eating so we can proceed to the treasure hunt.

Ever since we did one of these for Meg at Christmas a few years ago, they have been standard tradition on any given holiday. Here are the clues that Meg wrote all by herself:

She even had her brother standing by to help with the props (ie turning on the lamp just in time for me to read the clue "where is that light coming from?") I especially like the last one "I think I saw a monster in Nic's toy basket!

There was no monster, but these flowers, made all by Nic's self

and this portrait drawn for me by Meg, complete with "fancy writing" around the edges.
After general hugging and kissing, we watched Narnia together.

What more could a mother ask for?

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Victoria said...

your eyelashes are beautiful in that picture.