Holding Hands

When I was a teenager, we would take various school trips (choir, orchestra, CSO (Christian Service Outreach) Senior trip etc.) which involved long bus trips around Ecuador. The girls with boyfriends always seemed to have more fun on these trips because they got to hold hands and fall asleep with their head on their guys' shoulder. Most of the bus trips I went on were spent sitting with a girlfriend.

Today I rode two different buses, and held hands with two different boys.

Both of them need haircuts.

One of them, as he always does, made sure my rings were arranged just right so they didn't cut into his fingers.

One of them held my hand palm to palm across the aisle of the bus.

Both of them grinned at me.

One of them is goatee-ed, bespectacled and pierced.

One of them is still growing permanent teeth.

I love both of them more every day.

It's all the bus-hand-holding this heart has ever pined for.

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Nadine said...

I love the new header...really neat. That was a wonderful story about the boys in your life.