A beautiful day in the neighborhood

It's a sunny but chilly day here in Madrid. It's a long weekend (the kids are off through Wednesday), and we are enjoying the break.

Troy and the kids are making peanut butter cookies, which involves lots of instructions like "Get all the metal bowls out of the cabinet." I made a special peanut butter run to the oriental alimentacion (small grocery store) downtown yesterday to stock up and had the usual conversation with the proprietor about how much I was buying. You can get PB here quite a few places, but it's expensive, so it's worth the special trip to get it at a reasonable price, especially considering how much Meaghan loves it.

While I was out, I picked up some cross-stitch floss for my next project!!!
Gathering supplies for this is akin to new notebooks and pens for me, I love it :) I recently got my hands on a pattern for this print, which I think will look really great in our bedroom against the red wall. I told myself that doing this could be my reward for completing my office organization.

However, since I have too many half-finished cross-stitch projects as it is, I made myself finish one of them before I am allowed to start on this one. The silly thing is that I usually run out of steam on projects when they are almost done, so it doesn't take that much time or energy to finish them.

So anyway, I hope by the end of the day today I can post a photo of my completed project :) Although I have put my new floss on bobbins
and my project box is neatly waiting, I will not start on the Dali until my other one is finished!

PS It's May! So you know what that means! :)

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