Back again

Yes, I'm still here. I was in Amsterdam Monday-Wednesday at a support-raising seminar along with 2o or so other desperate missionaries in our mission :) It was pretty intense time-wise, but a good chance to be reminded of what is important about giving/receiving, be given new tools, and be reminded about things I knew but had let slide.

I missed my family and I'm glad that I won't have to be away from them any time in the near future.

The airplane ride home was beautiful, clear enough that we could track our progress straight down the coast of France, watch other planes zip by to the side and below us, and then watch the coast of France take a hard right into the beauty and green of northern Spain. Because we have gotten so much rain this spring Spain is beautifully green. It reminded me a lot more of Ecuador flying in than its usual arid tones of brown. We've been a little stressed out lately, and somehow the beauty of the earth spread below me was God's gentle whisper into my heart that God is with us and He will indeed take care of us, and walk through the fire with us.

It's supposed to be in the low 80's today. Yesterday we picked up my Mother's Day gift, a small table and chairs to put on our balcony outside our bedroom. I planted a pot of geraniums that I can see from my desk. They remind me of my Mom (she loved them) and make me smile. And I put a big pink and white hydrangea by the new table.

The kids had sports day yesterday and had a good time. We picked up a little sun cheering them on.

Now I'm off to catch up with housework and grocery shopping. I hope to be posting more regularly again soon!

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relevantgirl said...

I miss you, Heather girl. Glad you had a beautiful flight home. Let's skype soon.