Friday tends to be community day at our house. Yesterday we had five people over at various stages staying anywhere from a few to seven hours :) We went through dozens of drinks, pretty much all the leftovers, two bags of microwave popcorn, 4 boxes of frozen mini pizzas and almost a whole pan of brownies. We napped in the hammocks, used the sewing machine, scrap booked, cross-stitched, mentored, brooded, read Poe (among others), played V-rally, talked on the phone, confessed, laughed, admired the kids' school photos, complained, yelled at the dog and all manner of other things.

Today the house looks like a bomb went off, but I don't mind. To me, it's a beautiful kind of mess, because it's community. Let's face it, life is messy. I don't mind when my house reflects that messiness. The mess of working life out together is a masterpiece.

What is not a masterpiece, however, is the bomb that has gone off in my son's room. It seems like no matter how much I vow he will make sure his room is tidy at the end of each day before he goes to bed, each night a little more slips by and by the weekend I am right back where I started. Ugh!This picture isn't even from today!

So I'm off to start the weekly cycle again and see if I can't get this licked!


relevantgirl said...

Let me know your secret if this works!

Victoria said...

i was actually there for a good 12 hours. noon to midnight. thats how much i love you people.

Anonymous said...

I miss that community and will be back in August.

Shawn Redwood