You guessed it

Well, it's April 1, so here is my new header :) I am going to be a good girl and not mess with too much. I still have to re-do my list of links, but I'm still lazy.

I have to say, it's hard to really enter into Lent when you are a missionary church planter. During this time of year, we gather for services every week. It's always meaningful, but it's also tiring because it means more work.

This week will be a bit of a mad dash to get everything ready for our second annual Easter Retreat. I know it will all come together, but right now the idea of it just makes me tired.

I think it's very strange having April Fool's Day and Palm Sunday on the same day. I ran across a couple of "pranks" and I have to say they made me sad more than made me laugh.

Yeah, so the hormones aren't helping

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Nadine said...

I like the new header. I did ponder the April Fools thing today. Love the message at the beginning of your post.