Thursday Thirteen: In Memory of my Mom

Seventeen years ago today, my Mom died. So in honor of her, here are 13 of my favorite memories of her:

  1. Knowing that every morning she was in the living room spending time with God (after she brought my Dad and I coffee in bed!)
  2. Knowing that she would always fall asleep in any movie we took her to.
  3. The way she was always willing to be my "excuse" if I didn't want to do something. (Like, no, I can't go to that whatever because my Mom says no)
  4. The way she would sign her letters to be "The Snort" or "The Steam Shovel" (a la Are You My Mother?)
  5. The uncanny way she always knew that I was going to call home even when I had no plans to.
  6. Her complete and utter love for and dependence on Jesus.
  7. Her passion for honesty and truth.
  8. The way she made my friends feel comfortable in our home.
  9. The many ways she taught me about hospitality. It's why there are always people in our home now, because she modeled it so well.
  10. The way she would snore lightly through her mouth when she fell asleep on the basement floor by the heater.
  11. The way she gave of herself, over and over and over.
  12. Her sarcasm (where do you think mine got honed? :) )
  13. She was my best friend.


relevantgirl said...

She sounds (looks) beautiful. How you must miss her.

Lisa Pileggi said...

Your mom sounded like quite an amazing woman! Wish I could have met her, but I bet that spending time with you, is a little like being in her presence. =) Sorry that she's gone from her earthly home. Looking forward to meeting her one day!

Jenn said...

What an awesome woman! I know you miss her - but find comfort that you really are like her in so many ways :)

rjlight said...

How beautiful Heather! I loved reading this so much! I am sure it was hard to write and healing also. Love ya, girl!