Man, K, Troy and I have worked our butts off the last couple of days getting ready for our Easter retreat. We got a lot of stuff done today though. Tomorrow we have to pick up photo copies, pick up a pack and play, drop the dog at the kennel, and make one trip out to the camp with a carload of stuff. Tonight K and I are using some vouchers to go to TGI-Fridays as a reward for being such good little work-horses.

A couple of things made me smile today though, both having to do with being known in our neighborhood. Mr. Cady treated us to Chinese food for lunch and when I called, the guy knew who I was. And when I dropped the stuff off at the copy shop, he grinned at me and said "I know who you are..."la de las camisetas" (the one of the t-shirts--we got some printed there recently). I love the feeling of knowing and being known in our barrio.

One prayer request: Meg is not feeling well. Please pray that she can sleep it off tonight and that it won't cause problems for the retreat. She has been looking forward to the retreat for months, so I really hope she is well and can enjoy it. Thanks!

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rjlight said...

It really sounds like you feel more a part of the community leaving there as opposed to the burbs. Great! Have a great trip! I guess you are already gone!