My Husband, My Hero

Today has been a hard day in our house. Nothing that's not fixable, and the situation is well on its way to being mended. But it was hard nevertheless. A lot of tears were shed by both of us today as we talked through things with our team.

And I just have to say, my husband is my hero. He is one of the bravest men I know, with the most integrity. When he is in the wrong and he knows it, he always goes and apologizes with great humility. Even though it can be very very hard. And though in the past, many times when he has done so, others have not been so gracious, (thankfully that was not the case today) he always has the guts and the honor to do it again.

I love you Troy! And I'm so proud of you.

B.O.S. all the way baby.


relevantgirl said...

Your blog is looking blogolicious, darling!

I like your hubby too, for the very same reasons. I wish there were more peeps like him in the world, being willing to be broken and humble. God is good to you to bring you Troy.

Missing you,

Nadine said...

What a good man you're married to and I'm glad that he's your hero. I'm married to a good one myself. Thanks for your kind thougths, I'm better now.