Last week when I talked to my spiritual director and friend on the phone, we talked about me reading the Gospels (I have found my Celtic Daily Prayer too "rigid" for this season and wishing it followed the church calendar more). One of the ideas that came out of the conversation was that of formulating the question "What grace can I ask to receive this day as I read?"

Yesterday I was tired, hormonal and feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to get done this week before we go on retreat with our church Thursday-Sunday. I ended up being up in the night because Nic was having asthma trouble. Once awake, my mind kicked into gear and I ended up getting up for awhile to get lists down and out of my head. I think I was awake from 3-5 or something.

Anyway, I breathed the prayer that the grace I would receive today would be just to have enough energy and motivation to get my tasks done and to even be able to enjoy them. I didn't stumble out of bead until 9 this morning (for the second time) and I had to hit the ground running since Meg was having a friend from her old school over. So I didn't even have (or take) time this morning to read.

But you know, I remember that breathed prayer, and I recognized all through the day the many graces of energy and better spirits that He gave me today.

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rjlight said...

I am getting dizzy with your blog changes. :) How are you enjoying Velvet Elvis?