Wrinkles included at no extra charge

While we were in Lisbon a few weeks ago, our good friend Ro took a bunch of photos of us. He is an excellent photographer, so I somehow had the naive assumption that I would somehow come out looking like a movie star, or at the very least, nicely air-brushed.

Oy! I normally consider myself to be fairly self-aware, but seriously, I had NO idea how many "crow's feet" I had around my eyes. I knew about the grey hairs and the extra pounds, but I honestly had no clue how wrinkly my eyes had gotten! Apparently I don't smile at myself enough in the mirror! When I mentioned the wrinkles to Ro, he said "You don't really have those; I added them in with a special filter. No extra charge!" Yeah, right.
So how many of you smile at yourself in the mirror?


Nadine said...

On occasion I've been known to smile at myself in the mirror (want to make sure the teetch are white). BTW - That's a lovely picture of you and your honey.

Troy said...


All I have to say is "You are beautiful! And I love you!"

Victoria said...

i couldnt even tell you had crowsfeet. i definitely dont see them in person.. ew, you guys are so cute.

rjlight said...

only when I do impressions...:)