Well, it's been a productive day. I enjoyed having breakfast with my new friend Gretchen this morning and getting to know her a bit. It feels really nice to know another mom in our neighborhood. Then I went to Carrefour and did a mammoth grocery shop. I was smarter this time, had done up my menus and made a good list. And there is nothing like filling my cart to overflowing, then checking out and walking away with nothing! :) Home delivery is only 5 euro, so well worth my time. Then I got on the bus and went to lunch! And it was SUSHI! Really, could a day be better?

Anyway, after picking up kids from school I got my stuff in order for tonight, then we put all the groceries away when they came. Now the kids are eating dinner and the house is back in order. Just need to collect school uniforms for washing.

Tomorrow Meaghan has her class assembly, so that should be a kick. She's a giraffe (which made me smirk, but unfortunately also drew snarky comments from that classmate that gets under her skin.) Ah well, good chance to teach her about the ironies of life!

That's it for now! Have a good one!

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Nadine said...

Thank you for your kinds words today.

I love Sushi and can't find too many people who enjoy it as much as I do...good for you.