Every spring, Nic's allergies and asthma kick in. In addition to using his inhalers, we usually run a vaporizer in his room at night to keep him from getting too wheezy. Madrid is so dry that it just seems to help him breathe better.

The thing is, even if you fill the tank to the very tippy-top, it only runs for 8 hours before it runs out of water, dries up and starts shrieking. Eight hours, for crying out loud! My kids have slept 11-12 hours a night since they were 5 months old. For that matter, their mother is in bed definitely more than 8 hours a night!


TheMartins said...

I just found your blog today through missionary-blogs.com and I love it! Someday my husband and I hope to have a stint overseas (he is in seminary right now), for now the blogs and emails w/ friends overseas keep my heart alive for the nations. Blessings for all you are doing to bring Madrid to Jesus.
(Kentucky, US)


lovely page dear, keep it up