Reasons My Husband is Insane

  • He is writing a "reaction" to something he read. He is on page 17. He enjoys this.
  • He often writes these kinds of things on our DAY OFF.
  • He read Aquinas for a little light bed-time reading.
  • Even though he does this, he watches Lost with me.

Anybody else wanna add to the list????

(I'm allowed to write this post, he laughed when I said I was going to. So there!)


relevantgirl said...

I concur about his insanity. And let's hope his 17 page rant isn't about one of my books!!!

kellyinmadrid said...

he did the potato dance at the bus stop today.

Julie said...

yeah, it really depends on the book... insanity is relative you know.

Monaca said...

I cannot believe you only typed four things...

Erin said...

I'm checking with you since I haven't seen you on SoulPerSuit for quite a while. Nice to be able to drop in here and read an update on your life. :)

Am I supposed to chime in and say how insane YOUR husband is, or how insane MINE is? Since I don't know Senor Madrid, I'll leave the gentle ribbing to you... but yeah, my guy is kind of wacky in his own way.

He has a friend that's a crane operator and he's convinced that getting this friend to move our backyard shed with his EIGHTY TON crane is the way to go. No dismantling it and reassembling it on the other side of the yard. No hitching it to the back of a tractor and dragging it. He wants to AIR LIFT that puppy with a giant piece of machinery!


Heather said...

I know, the list could be endless, but I was slightly brain-dead. And besides, I might get in trouble then.

Thanks for stopping by Erin! I haven't given up on the SoulPerSuit yet, but I honestly just haven't had the time to give it the attention it deserves!