Pruning at the hand of the good Gardener

This morning it was beautiful outside, so I did some pruning of the ivy that grows up over our balcony. Nic and I both get bad allergies in the spring, so I want to keep it contained and not growing helter-skelter all over the balcony. Nic came out to help me, wielding the broom and sweeping up behind me as I pruned. At one point he stood watching me cut off lots of beautiful fresh green leaves.

"You're cutting too much, Mom."

Sometimes I feel like that in my conversations with God. "You're cutting too much."

This morning as I crouched on the dusty balcony, the Gardener reminded me gently, watering can in hand, that even new growth needs to be shaped and guided. Otherwise I too may grow helter-skelter, and be this
instead of this

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