Nic News

We got Nic's assessment report back today. He does not have any learning disabilities; he just needs some language and speech therapy. Well, "just" but it isn't going to be cheap! So the next hurdle will be getting that set up. He'll probably have to go through another evaluation with the speech therapist, and need sessions probably twice a week (to the tune of 25 euro per 1/2 hour session, so the money is going to be a big challenge!) I'm freaking out a little bit right now about the money, but trusting God that He'll provide for that too.

I'm grateful through all this that Nic's character is good. The woman who did his assessment said he was "encantador" (charming, enchanting :) ). And one of the girls in Nic's class described him as "the kindest boy in class" to her mother. So he's on the right track!

Keep us in your prayers as we navigate this.

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