Messing Around

I am always tempted to rearrange my blog. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I never re-arrange my furniture. Sometimes I think about paying to get a personalized blog design done, but then I worry that I will get tired of it. And then where would I be?

My problem is that I have learned enough to mess with stuff, so now I can change colors, headers etc. But I don't know THAT much. And I have to say I really like the whole widget thing, so I am loathe to go back to use a blogger template that doesn't support them. I really like the fact that on Wordpress you can actually have more than one page to your blog. But you can't mess with things much.

One day I thought I would just learn some basic html and design my own. Yeah right. I took a look at the code that goes into a design and gave up on that idea.

Maybe I should just re-arrange my furniture and be done with it!

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