I was going to jump on the Tackle it Tuesday bandwagon while Troy was at his Alpha group tonight, but I'm beat. I worked pretty steadily today at a few things and it plain ole wore me out. Tomorrow I have a busy day: coffee with a new friend, grocery shopping, lunch with another friend/mentoree, prep for my group and then group tomorrow night. I am going to be ready for our day off on Thursday!

I am working slowly on getting our home in better order, and it feels good. But I have a long way to go.

Anyway, it's time for me to drag myself to bed. It got cold again (it's in the 30's right now) so I had to turn the heat back up. I'm gonna put the dog in her kennel, kiss my babies, and crawl under the feather duvet.


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Nadine said...

Well you sound like you could use the rest. May the Lord give you plesant dreams tonight and refresh you for the morning.