The hormones are coming!

When I picked up the kids from school on Friday, Meg was in a bit of a funk. There is a boy in her class who tends to get under her skin, and he had hurt her feelings in choir. My girl is usually pretty resilient, but on Friday, it made her cry. She was also sad because they sang a song in French that she had sung last year at her old school.

"I miss Ana Maria" she told me. Ana Maria was her best friend at her old school

Later, more of the story came out. We found out that her best friends Silvia and Elisa sat with her in choir while she was upset to help her feel better. I told her not to worry about most of the things boys tease about.

A few weeks ago, we had "the talk" with her. We gave her this book
We also went through another older book (like from the 70's) that was recommended to us on "where babies come from."

I think we picked a good age to have this conversation. We gave her both books and I know she has been going through them at her leisure. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings tend to be her private time. But from little comments she has made I know she has been perusing.

Anyway, it'll be frightening interesting to see when and how the hormones come rushing in!


rjlight said...

oh, man. I can't face that.UGH!!! Is there rent-a-sex-talk-parent??

bobbie said...

my pink and i are going through that book together, it's really well done and has opened up some good doors for conversation between us.

i've done this with other people's kids (i was the rent-a-sex-talk youth pastors wife), but it's so different when it's your own.

big emotional changes on the landscape, can our home endure two sets of hormones?? i'm worried.

Heather said...

Bec, maybe you can rent Bobbie for your talk :)

Bobbie, I agree, it's a good book. And I hear you about the two sets of hormones thing. We have the added challenge of the influence of whiny girls in her class. Gotta nip that in the bud!

Hang in there! Hugs, H