I was going to write about something else, but I just noticed this is my 300th post! I have seen people share 100 things about themselves in their 100th post, but I am pretty sure you don't want to read 300 random facts about me! So, how about 30?

1. I graduated from high-school 20 years ago.
2. I wear size 5 shoes (I used to wear a 4 before I had kids!)
3. My middle name is Anne.
4. I like liver if it's quick-fried and served with bacon and sauteed onion and mushrooms.
5. Peas make me gag.
6. I love sushi; I think I could eat it every day!
7. I hate black licorice.
8. I love Jesus.
9. I am the third generation of missionaries in the Grant family. My paternal grandparents served in China and Hong Kong, my parents in Quito, Ecuador, and now I'm in Spain.
10. I am exactly 5 feet tall (or short :) )
11. I love to read and can devour a good book in a couple of hours.
12. My favorite book is C.S. Lewis' Til We Have Faces.
13. I love anything chocolate-caramel, chocolate-raspberry, chocolate-mint or chocolate-orange. (yes the key word is chocolate!)
14. When I was in 4th grade I had terrible handwriting, and my teacher (in a 2-room schoolhouse in the jungles of Ecuador) made it her personal project to improve it. I've had nice hand-writing ever since then.
15. When I get back to the US I always buy Good Housekeeping and Readers Digest in airports the first chance I get.
16. I am not a great housekeeper.
17. I make a mean home-made pizza.
18. I am allergic to most cats.
19. In my life I have had multiple dogs, a few turtles, parakeets, 1 parrot, a mouse and a monkey for pets.
20. I don't like milk.
21. Both my kids were born via C-Section. (I am the fourth generation of women in my family to have C-sections.)
22. I love stripes.
23. My favorite color is blue.
24. I loves pansies and alstromeria.
25. I can rarely see the top of my desk.
26. My husband is the only man I have ever really kissed.
27. I lost a baby in between my two kids. It was on my birthday and Thanksgiving Day.
28. I don't like spicy food.
29. I am an ambulance chaser.
30. I am still in love with my husband of 15 1/2 years.

Anything else you want to know?


Victoria said...

im so glad you posted that- you're so interesting! you had a monkey as a pet? thats so cool.

rjlight said...

Guess you wouldn't like those spicy peas I make--unless they are served quick-fried with liver and onions? I'll take the peas, girl.