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From Celtic Daily Prayer

The cry to God as "Father"
in the New Testament
is not a calm acknowledgement
of a universal truth about
God's abstract fatherhood.
It is the Child's cry
out of a nightmare.

It is the cry of outrage,
fear, shrinking away,
when faced with the horror
of the "world"
--yet not simply or exclusively
protest, but trust as well.

"Abba Father"
all things are possible
to Thee...

Rowan Williams

I have to say that I have been pondering (not for the first time) the divisions in the body of Christ. I read a wide range of blogs etc. and sometimes it makes me so sad to read--sometimes blatantly, sometimes between the lines--the scorn, ridicule, rejection and hate that we as Christians express to each other. To be honest, sometimes the "world" that I recoil from is the one that is supposed to be Christ's bride.

Anyway, all this to say that I am challenged afresh to use my words wisely, to use them for good, for love.

Also from my reading today...(the meditations are looking at the beautiful hymn Be Thou My Vision

"In His presence, in His power, live a moment at a time: live that moment fully. To try to live a holy life is to be crushed by the enormity of the task, but a whole life consists of a series of such moments."

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