Tea with Meaghan

I took Meaghan to a tea-shop that my friend Lisa introduced me to recently. It used to be only an antique shop, but they have just opened a tea shop as well. It's a nice little place to sit down for a quiet cup of tea. I had promised Meg that I would take her there over the holidays; we thought we could maybe have her birthday party there. We're entering the days of "only girls" parties, and some of the girls in Meg's class apparently have strong opinions about what is done and what is not.

In the end, we decided that we should have a tea party at home. For one thing, the shop is small, and can get very smoky. But most important, Meg thought it would be nicer to do it at home so Nic could join in.

We had a nice time though, drinking our English Breakfast tea and eating scones and chocolate cake.

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