So Tired

Oh. My. Goodness. It's 9:16 pm and I am about to get in bed. Today has been a marathon. I still have work I should have done today, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow! Here's what my day looked like:

  • Get kids off to school
  • Work on cleaning dust-bunnies out of hall, clean bathroom, get Meg's room ready for guest, sweep and mop kitchen
  • Prepare materials for meeting with Amy
  • Work on legalization paperwork for church
  • Go to Holy Spirit House, have meeting with Amy
  • Go straight from that meeting to school to pick up kids
  • Take kids home, welcome guest (new student that just arrived in Madrid), gulp quick cup of tea
  • Take Meg to the orthodontist
  • Stop at the store on the way home to pick up ingredients for supper
  • Make dinner
  • Eat dinner, get kids in bed
  • Put pe uniforms in the wash for tomorrow
  • Help Troy clear up dinner, make coffee for tomorrow
I had lots of ambition of getting more stuff done tonight, but despite the 4 loads of unfolded laundry (about two American size loads) staring at me from the various corners of the room, I am going to bed.

Tomorrow morning I can't go to the gym because I have to take Nic for his assessment. So I will take my laptop and take a brisk walk to Starbucks while I'm waiting for him to be done and try and power out some work there.

I am going to Amsterdam early on Thursday morning (4:00 am shuttle pick-up time!) for Deela's memorial service as well as some face time with Elizabeth, my spiritual director. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to fold that laundry and pack!


Troy said...

Now YOU'RE the "woman of proverbs"! Praying for you, honey.


Monaca said...

I hope the rest of your week slowed down a bit and that you've had a chance to breath.