Saying Goodbye

Last night, our friend and colleague, Deela Dyck, went home to be with Jesus. She has been struggling with ovarian cancer for the past three years.

Please pray for the family she leaves behind: her husband Al, sons Bobby and Daniel, and daughter Katie, who is Meg's age.

I have been thinking about Deela a lot this fall, and praying for her and the family. I kept meaning to write her a note. Now it's too late. It's a good reminder to me to actually follow through on those things.

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Mimi Hudson said...

I resonate with you. When I got Paul's/Al's report last Friday, I decided to send Deela a note. But by mid-day Saturday (our time) we got a call from Joanie that Deela had died. My grandmother died right before Christmas and I'd had her phone number out on my dresser to call her, but hadn't gotten to it. Today I put 3 cards in the mail, just because I can.
Thanks for your thoughts,