Quick post

I took my laptop in today after coming to the end of my confidence in any computer technical knowledge I might have. I figured I better leave well enough alone. I didn't spend too much time on it yesterday (although I did spend more time on Troy's computer than I intended, catching up on reading posts for an online Bible study that I just joined; I'm behind! But I think it's coming at a crucial point for me, when I am keenly feeling the lack of community with women my own age and in a similar life stage.)

Anyway, I have been strangely serene, even faced with the possibility that I lost everything on my computer (why do we procrastinate on backing things up? I'm telling you, if you have stuff you don't want to lose, do it TODAY!!!! And you can bet I'll be trying to be better about doing just that.) I have only checked my email three times today (which is waaaaaaaaaay down!) and thankfully am not chomping at the bit to hear from the computer repair place.

Nic had his second round of assessment this morning. Carmen was impressed with how hard he works, and also that he really tries to sound out words rather than guessing, or memorizing them. He has another appointment next week.

I'll keep you posted!

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