A new world home order is now in place. Whew! I have to say I am ready for the holiday season to be over and to have normal life and routine to begin again. Although I know that I will not be so ready when the alarm clock goes off in the morning!!

Today was a gearing up kind of day, but worshipful for me. It felt good to take care of our home, my family.
  • The boys both got haircuts
  • Both kids are bathed and nails clipped :)
  • The Christmas directions are down and put away
  • The living room is cleaned and put back in order, including the glider being back in the room after being out of the living room since November
  • Both the kids' rooms are cleaned, (a little girl I know is going to be in charge of vacuuming and mopping her room from now on since she showed such interest in the mop!)
  • The coffee is made for morning, just has to be turned on
  • Backpacks are ready by the door, with snacks already packed
  • School clothes are laid out in the kids' rooms
  • The Brita tank is back in the fridge (after purging of Christmas left-overs) and has a new filter in it
  • All the beds have clean sheets and duvet covers on them

I know that it's easy to be organized today, but I am hoping that with some re-ordering of my time and priorities, I can stop or at least slow the normal slow slide into controlled chaos. And granted, my desk is still piled high, there are dust-bunnies in the hall, the kitchen floor needs mopping, both bathrooms need a clean, and our bedroom needs vacuuming. But still, it feels good to be as far along as I am right now.

Now I'm off for some well-earned chill-time with my hubby, who was very helpful today!


RJ Light said...

Glad you have gotten organized. Isn't it great getting the Christmas stuff packed away??? Especially when you don't have any storage space. I was wondering why you had kept your Christmas leftovers in the Brita tank? :)

Heather said...

Very funny. The Christmas leftovers took up so much room in the fridge that we had to take the Brita tank out :)