One Year

One year ago yesterday, Amy sat at our table, looking a little shell-shocked and wondering what on earth she had gotten herself into! She was at the very beginning of a one-year internship with us.

At Thanksgiving, Amy announced her decision to sign-on for another two years, much to our delight. She is a great addition and fit on our team.

So last night we celebrated one year with her by doing the following:
~Ordering Chinese food
~Watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
~Teasing Troy about his movie confusion
~Googling "octopus anatomy" to find out what the sucker things on the tentacles are called
and a few other random things that we shall not speak of.

Anyway, we're glad you're staying girl! And here's to two more years!

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Victoria said...

now that you cant speak of it, i expect stories when i return.