While I may not be listing any new year's resolutions, I will be happy to share a few things I got accomplished so far :)

~ cleaned out my purse and wallet
~ helped Meaghan organize her room a bit, including putting up a couple of bulletin boards in her room with a white board and calendar of her own (hopefully that will stop her from leaving smeary messages on the white board on the fridge and writing things on my calendar!)
~ made a start on some of the piles in the usual spots that spring up around the house
~ got my son motivated enough to clean up his room
~ helped him do some of his homework. He does a lot better with math than reading and writing and he was really pleased with himself for figuring out several worksheets on his own

But most importantly, I made it a point to get back into Celtic Daily Prayer

Not only do I hope (there, I let one out of the bag :) ) to use this daily to guide my spiritual walk, I want to create a more deliberate rhythm of prayer in my life.


amanda said...

I like your phrase "deliberate rhythm of prayer."

I might even find myself saying it outloud in the days ahead--hope you don't mind.

Heather said...

Hi Amanda! You are more than welcome to use the phrase :) I'm glad it resonates with you.