Crazy World

This morning I got up (late) to the news that Saddam Hussein had been hanged, and that a car bomb had exploded in the parking garage of our new terminal 4 of Barajas airport. First of all just wanted to let everyone know that we're safe and sound. So far there have only been injuries from the bomb blast (the authorities received a phone calling with a warning). It appears that ETA, the Basque separatist group is responsible, although they have had a ceasefire in place lately.

It's just senseless, because it's such a cowardly way to cause fear, panic, and material damage. For almost 40 years this group has been resorting to violence. So far it has not earned them any sympathy or many results.

I wonder where these people are today. I would imagine they are hiding, completely on edge in case they are discovered. I can't imagine that this feels like a very honorable way to be living life. It makes me sad for them.

Thankfully, we live life with the Peace of Christ in our hearts. Despite the violence in the world, I do not have to worry about my safety. Instead, I could chuckle with my kids as they watched Road Runner cartoons for probably the first time this morning. I can start the dough for cinnamon rolls in the bread maker. I can revel in Meg's enthusiasm for being able to ride her bike and her plans to play more with the other kids in the building this summer ("Now I can play with them in the pool AND on bikes!")

May God bring His peace.


More Vacation Bliss

This morning I had to be at the dentist with Meg at 9 for her to have her "study" done (X-rays, impressions etc.) It took longer than I thought and it was pretty chilly while we were waiting for the bus. Of course since it was one of the mornings I had to be out and about, Nic slept until 9:30!!!!

The kids are doing great on their bikes. Meg looks like she's been riding for years. Nic just needs to learn now how to start himself and they'll both be good to go! Nic is tickled pink to be able to ride. I think it has given his confidence a real boost. He is my snuggle bug so I've been enjoying lots of cuddle time with him this week.

Made pizza for dinner. A great way to get rid of turkey leftovers is to make BBQ turkey pizza. I make the dough in my bread maker, use BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce, and load it up with cheese, onion, a little bacon and loads of turkey. Yummy! Meg had it tonight and loved it.

We've been doing more reading, puzzle-making and just lolling around. I am less hoarse today and feeling like I'm on the mend.

Instead of a big party for New Year's, which is not our style, we're going to have a Lord of the Rings marathon and watch all three movies. Not sure if many people are even in town, but it sounds like a nice plan to me; stay in and away from the craziness!

I can feel the stirrings of the great 2007 clean-up/organize/purge but that will be next week :)


Vacationing at home

We're on vacation this week, at home. It's the kind of vacation that means you don't have to pack anything, that you can stay in your jammies all day (unless it's your turn to walk the dog, then you must put on real clothes. There is no walking the dog in Spain in your jammies.) I love vacations like this, and I'm so thankful that I'm married to a man who does too. When we vacation at home there are lots of naps on the couch, batches of popcorn popped, movies watched, board games played, etc.

It means you can sit on the couch with your laptop and read blogs/websites, rip Cd's onto your computer to put on an SD card to use your PDA for an MP3 player, chat with a good friend in California and watch 24 all at the same time.

This morning I had to get up and get out of the house to go meet with the woman who will be doing Nic's assessment on January 10. I really liked her, and it set my mind at ease that he will be getting good help. She seemed to think that his class is working on material that is quite difficult for his age. Anyway, we'll see what happens.


Sigh of Blissful Contentment

We had a a great day. It's 7:05 and I feel like it's midnight I'm so tired :) But it's a good tired. I didn't really feel it until I sat down to watch Cars with the kids. I was up until 11:30 finishing the wrapping and got up at 6 to put in turkey #1. Went back to sleep for a little while, but not long enough! My cold and I will be sleeping in tomorrow! I have hardly had a voice today, so I guess we can all be thankful for that :)

There were 17 of us for Christmas lunch (we missed you Miriami and Heini!). The only sad part was that they confiscated the cranberries from Amy's friends Ian and Kristy in England! Apparently cranberries are a very dangerous weapon. Very very sad. What will I have on my leftover sandwiches?

More later, but Merry Christmas everyone!